Friday, January 10, 2014

Notus to Chicken Dinner Road

this is the next segment I have completed of my "south to the Snake" journey.    my last "tag point" was at the highway crossing in Notus, Idaho.  

It took 2 days this week, Monday and Tuesday.   the weather was not optimal but at least it was not raining, sleeting, or snowing.    on Monday I went 10 miles (5.2 x 2) from Highway 19 (just east of Greenleaf, Idaho)   up to Notus and back.    on Tuesday I went 4 miles  (2 x 2)  from Highway 19  up to the beginning of Chicken Dinner Road.  

Chicken Dinner Road is my next "tag point."     I hope to do the whole 13 miles in one day in one direction, with the help of a friend so that I can have a getaway car at the end.    This should take me down to Map Rock Road by the Snake River.

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