Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rocky Bluff to Salmon River

Thursday, April 17, 2014


just posted 2 YouTube videos of a 2009 Idaho Centennial Trail hike.

Previously these videos existed as a Playlist consisting of 60 different videos.  Due to upload constraints I had to load them to YouTube individually.

presenting Ross Peak part A and part B.

ICT  Mattingly Divide to Ross Peak
through the Sawtooth Mountains
completing the hike at Willow Creek campground
and the bridge over the Middle Fork of the Boise River
September 2009

the only thing better than finishing the Idaho Centennial Trail, is to help a friend finish it.  in September of 2009 I joined my friend Jerry Finnegan for his last segment of the ICT through the Sawtooth Mountains.   Jerry and friends started at Grandjean trailhead.   I caught a plane ride to the backcountry airstrip at Atlanta, Idaho, and hiked in a few miles to meet the group at Mattingly Creek.  From there, we hiked up Mattingly Divide, crossed through the north and south drainages of Ross Creek, and climbed to the highest point on the ICT.  The pass near Ross Peak is 9,200 feet elevation.  From there we descended 11 miles along Willow Creek, and to the grand finale' for Jerry at the bridge over the South Fork of the Boise River.   A group of friends and family were waiting to celebrate Jerry's completion of the ICT.

at the end of  part A, Jerry climbed up to the 9,200 foot saddle near Ross Peak.   This is the high point of the ICT, and it was a very powerful experience for all of us to share in Jerry's triumph.

in part B,  we celebrate with Jerry at the saddle below Ross Peak.   Then we descend the ICT down the Willow Creek drainage.    Friends and family are waiting for Jerry at the trailhead to celebrate his completion of the ICT.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


ROSS PEAK 2009 part A

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stateline Trail part 4

Here is my latest hiking video.   this was  a part of my 7 year project to hike across Idaho on the Idaho Centennial Trail.      July of 2011.    

this section was 30 miles of the Stateline Trail, FR391, between Dry Creek Road, Little Joe Road, and Crittenden Peak.  

Day 1 was 10 miles, Day 2 was 20 miles.  both hikes were done with vehicle support.   with me on this trip were Jerry Finnegan and my son-in-law, Tyler Parrish.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baja Road to Walter's Ferry

this week's big hike was 41.5 miles. on Sunday,  I started at the beginning of Baja Road at 1 pm. I walked 17.5 miles, stopping to pick up my water cache at mile 15. 

Coyotes serenaded me with a desert symphony all night. I named it "Concerto in the Key of Yip"

Monday I rose early and started walking at 7:30 am. At the 22 mile mark I left the high desert plateau and descended several hundred feet into the Snake River canyon. after breakfast at Swan Falls, Dam, I continued west along the River Canyon Trail for 12 miles to Celebration Park. I was surprised to see Halverson Lake along the way.

at Celebration Park, I rested for 20 minutes, then continued west past the Duffy bridge on Laughlin Lane for the last 6 miles.

Tyler met me at Ferry Road near Walter's Ferry. I made it to my tag point of the sign at Highway 45 and Ferry Road at 6:40 pm.

11 hours and 10 minutes, 24 miles for Monday.

41.5 miles for the trip in two days.   

Sunday, February 23, 2014

ICT Brown's Creek

second time to walk the 15 mile section of Brown's Creek on the ICT   Sat 2-22-14

thanks to Tyler for the shuttle ride!  

my "second time" line of ICT now extends from the Nevada border to the town of Hammett on Interstate 84.     I will try to post a map of how much Idaho has been walked twice.....

if you scroll down a few blog entries, this ties in to the "tag point" from a few weeks ago when I walked from the intersection of Brown's Creek Road west on highway 78 to the bridge over the Snake River on highway 51.