Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mt. Heinen

exploring Bald Mountain Road, south of Idaho City. 12-10-14
6,396 foot Mt. Heinen is in the background.  
1st pic is Tyler my son-in-law.     2nd pic is me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dutch Creek

the view from the hillside at Dutch Creek, where we placed our "Dutch Army" geocache.      This view is looking to the south towards Arrowrock Reservoir.  

First Geocache

Tyler (my son-in-law)   and I made our first geocache location today! 

if you go to co-ordinates N 43 deg 36' 17.08" W 115 deg 53' 05.52" you can find our cache at Dutch Creek. 

We named it "Dutch Army"

the reason for the name?   the cache is a small ammunition box, with a plastic container inside filled with plastic army men.   One of the traditions of the geocache, although not always required, is that there are small items inside.   Finders can trade a small item, such as a coin, pen, business card, belly button lint, etc.  for one of the items inside.   We put our email addresses in the logbook, asking finders to send us an email telling us where the "Dutch army" has travelled.   

The cache is placed at Dutch Creek, hence the name "Dutch Army."

it should appear soon on the website.

see image below

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today I made about a 4 1/2 mile loop up and back in the Boise foothills.   

I don't know the name of this hill, but it is the hill where the hang glider folks launch from. 

It is in east Boise, up near Hammer Flats.  

Today I did some exploring up there.   The road is very steep going up to the ridge, but the view is very rewarding.   It was awesome.   There is quite a view of the valley.  The trees are just about peak color now.

It is easy to see, from the ridge, why the hill is popular for hang gliding.   The ridge itself is about 10 feet wide, relatively flat with a trail, with both sides gradually sloping down to a precipitous drop off.   The curvature is ideal for someone to make a running start with their hang glider, going downhill, and launching from the edge out over an expansive valley.    

I continued on up the ridge, and took a side trail, which was really just a terrace contoured along the hill.   It might have been an old fire break line.  The single track was fairly well defined and easy to follow.   I could trace the contour ahead for at least 2 or 3 miles around the steadily rising ridge.  

When I got around on the back side of the ridge, it was SO quiet!    It always amazes me how such vast distances can be so silent and peaceful.   I took a beeline up the hill and connected to the road/path along the top of the ridge and followed it back to the hang glider launching section.   From there I came back down the same path to the car, parked near Diversion Dam.

I would like to continue on up the ridge and make the connection to Highland Valley Road, and then continue on up to the summit of Lucky Peak.   

The climb was a good test of my injured ankle.   It did really well, with my neoprene compression sock.  

see the attached map for my path today....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall down go BOOM!

video taken by Jerry Finnegan. August 31st, 2014 on the Idaho Centennial Trail, East alternate section. we had climbed 5 miles on the Alturas-Mattingly trail starting at Alturas Lake. we reached the ICT trail going to Ross Fork, then turned on the Johnson Creek trail.

Only a mile or so down this new trail, I took a sudden spill. My ankle rolled and I went rolling down the hill. I did a complete somersault and landed on my back with my feet facing downhill.

Jerry was ahead of me on the trail. He took the video about 30 seconds after I fell.

Fortunately my ankle was only a strain instead of a sprain. I still had to backpack another 11 miles out on rugged trails to get to a road where we could make contact with home.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Green Kryptonite was the bane of Superman, a substance that sapped his powers and made him a helpless weakling.

I took a picture of this plant on Sunday 9/28/14 along the Greenbelt, near the Boise River.   

I call it "Ron's Kryptonite."   other folks call it "Sagebrush."   this is what it looks like in full bloom.  

I am highly allergic to it.  

here in Idaho,  it blooms generally between the last week of August, through September, and up to the first couple of hard freezes in October.    

when we first moved here, I had to take a year of allergy shots. part of the serum was sagebrush pollen.    the immuno-therapy helped, for the most part, but this is the time of year when I rely heavily on Vitamin Z  (Zyrtec).  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the Soggyway and the Bitter Pill

sometimes things just don't go your way.   this is a sad chapter in the story of my seven year hike across Idaho.   we were going to attempt to do one big knockout punch on the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.   we being myself, Kim Heintzman, and Nick Abshire.   we attempted a 95 mile hike.   an entire day of hiking in the rain and a non functioning satellite phone changed the plan.   Then we still had to walk 40 miles out to rescue ourselves.  

song credits go to

"Trial of Tears" by Dream Theater  (split into 2 parts)


"Minor Setback"

by Acaideus