Sunday, February 23, 2014

ICT Brown's Creek

second time to walk the 15 mile section of Brown's Creek on the ICT   Sat 2-22-14

thanks to Tyler for the shuttle ride!  

my "second time" line of ICT now extends from the Nevada border to the town of Hammett on Interstate 84.     I will try to post a map of how much Idaho has been walked twice.....

if you scroll down a few blog entries, this ties in to the "tag point" from a few weeks ago when I walked from the intersection of Brown's Creek Road west on highway 78 to the bridge over the Snake River on highway 51. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Map Rock Road

yesterday (Monday 2/11) I walked 13 miles, starting from Ferry Road intersection on Highway 45. up 45 for less than a mile, then west on Map Rock Road to my last "tag point". thanks to another helpful shuttle ride from Darwin Clampitt.

the map says 12.5. it actually measured 12.8. I walked another tenth of a mile and back to my car to get it to 13. Yes, an OCD moment....

I am now ready for the long walk hopefully first week of March. 

This will connect the western and eastern portions. Then you will be able to see on the big map what I have been trying to do all these months....