Tuesday, January 28, 2014

highway 51 bridge to Baja Road

19 mile hike 1-27-14 

I began from my "tag point" of last week, the north end of the bridge over the Snake River. from there I walked 2.5 miles north on highway 51 to Air Base Gravel Pit Road. followed that for many miles. 

Only 2 miles out from my car, I ran into Private Property! I had to do some creative walking around, which upped my mileage from the planned 18 to 19.

I have now connected between the ICT at Brown's Creek jct with highway 78 over to the beginning of Baja Road.

I finished Phase I I of the "Snake River Sojourn" much more quickly than I anticipated, thanks to 2 consecutive weeks of shuttle rides from Darwin Clampitt.

on to phase I I I tying phase I and I I together.....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

highway 78 west to highway 51 bridge

11 mile walk 1/20/14

This is beginning phase I I of the "Snake River Sojourn" 

the Idaho Centennial Trail intersects highway 78 near the town of Hammett. 

I began walking at Browns Creek road and walked west on highway 78 to the intersection with highway 51. 

the map says 10.5 miles, I went ahead and made it 11 miles by crossing over the Snake River bridge.

phase I I of the "Snake River Sojourn"

now that I have completed my walk from Weiser, Idaho, south to the Snake River and Map Rock Road, it's time to move east to the other end of the walk.    

the "other end" of the walk is at the point where the Idaho Centennial Trail intersects highway 78,  5 miles west of the town of Hammett.  

starting from this point, I will walk in a generally West direction until I reach the beginning of Baja Road on highway 67.    (that segment will begin phase III).   

Friday, January 10, 2014

Chicken Dinner Road

this is my latest "tag point"    intersection of Upper Ridge Road and Chicken Dinner Road

this view is looking south on Chicken Dinner Road.

13 miles straight down to Map Rock Road will be my next intended hike.

Notus to Chicken Dinner Road

this is the next segment I have completed of my "south to the Snake" journey.    my last "tag point" was at the highway crossing in Notus, Idaho.  

It took 2 days this week, Monday and Tuesday.   the weather was not optimal but at least it was not raining, sleeting, or snowing.    on Monday I went 10 miles (5.2 x 2) from Highway 19 (just east of Greenleaf, Idaho)   up to Notus and back.    on Tuesday I went 4 miles  (2 x 2)  from Highway 19  up to the beginning of Chicken Dinner Road.  

Chicken Dinner Road is my next "tag point."     I hope to do the whole 13 miles in one day in one direction, with the help of a friend so that I can have a getaway car at the end.    This should take me down to Map Rock Road by the Snake River.