Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Iverson Road

this picture is looking north along Iverson Road,  north of Notus, Idaho.    this is from yesterday 12-23-13   11 mile walk between Lon Davis/Market Road intersection and highway 20/26 in Notus.     

Payette to Notus map

Payette to Notus

since my last blog post, I have been working my way south from the town of Payette, Idaho  to  yesterday's new tag point in Notus, Idaho.     

This is roughly a 28 mile stretch, which I walked in sections.    I used Elmore Road which roughly parallels highway 95, walked that road north and west into Fruitland.   Then I had to road walk highway 95 to get across the Payette River and to my previous tag point in the town of Payette.

From Echo Ave. and Elmore Road intersection, I walked Elmore Road (x2) to the south to where it Tees into Pearl Road.   This section crosses a lot of farm and cattle land and had a lot of ups and down from the rolling hills.  

A short jaunt on Pearl Road took me to the top of Lon Davis Road.  This road is paved further south, but the 4.25 mile section across a huge section of hills was all dirt road.    I had to first scout it with my car in order to find where Lon Davis Road connected in to Pearl Road.   It is not marked with a sign.   it's just one of many dirt roads that exit onto Pearl Road.   

I went out on a bitterly cold day and walked the section (x2) of Lon Davis Road, there and back through the crunchy snow.  

Yesterday 12/23/13  I walked a 5.6 mile section (x2)   from Market Road to Iverson Road, down Iverson to Purple Sage Road, over to Notus Road.    Then I followed Notus Road a short way into the town of Notus, to highway 20/26, and crossed the highway and the railroad tracks.

this is my newest "tag point" and is where I will take up again in the new year on my continuing trek south to the Snake River.