Monday, July 21, 2014

Lick Creek Road

this is the start of another walking project 

on Saturday I drove up to McCall, then about 30 miles east on Lick Creek Road, as far as the Secesh River.    This is where the ICT crosses the road at Ponderosa Campground.   

I mapped out an 11 mile stretch of Lick Creek Road, starting from the ICT, to the west up to the summit of Lick Creek Road.    Elevation gain is about 2,400 feet.

walked 6 miles (3 x 2) Saturday evening, and found a free campsite with a fire ring!   the campfire was more for entertainment value than for warmth.   a campfire is way better than television any day!

on Sunday I walked the remaining 16 miles (8 x 2) up to the summit and back.   The road was not terribly steep, it was just a steady grade uphill.    I moved the car three times, each time walking up roughly an hour and then back.   

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meal preparation

DIY dehydrated meals

here is my meal preparation for an upcoming hike.

there are 5 meals, and 5x2 = 10 grits packets for 5 breakfasts.

each meal has 2 cups each of the dehydrated soup + 1 cup of Minute Rice

the flavors are 1 Black Bean soup  1 Pilaf Chicken  2  Tortilla soup  1  White Bean & Pasta

the flavor packets are inside the bags. 

for a couple of them I added an extra half scoop of rice. 

they can be rehydrated directly in the ziploc bags, but from experience they are a pain to eat out of.   that's why I carry a "My Fair Share"  32 ounce Lexan cup.   

all I do is boil water and stir. 

season with salsa packets or Tabasco.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

somewhere in Idaho

Sawtooth flashback

I think this was our first day hike into the Sawtooth Wilderness.    This is from the summer of 2001.    We were camped at Stanley Lake.   sons Steven and Dan were 10 and 14 at the time.