Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall down go BOOM!

video taken by Jerry Finnegan. August 31st, 2014 on the Idaho Centennial Trail, East alternate section. we had climbed 5 miles on the Alturas-Mattingly trail starting at Alturas Lake. we reached the ICT trail going to Ross Fork, then turned on the Johnson Creek trail.

Only a mile or so down this new trail, I took a sudden spill. My ankle rolled and I went rolling down the hill. I did a complete somersault and landed on my back with my feet facing downhill.

Jerry was ahead of me on the trail. He took the video about 30 seconds after I fell.

Fortunately my ankle was only a strain instead of a sprain. I still had to backpack another 11 miles out on rugged trails to get to a road where we could make contact with home.