Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dotting the I part 02

new video:

another section of my seven year hike across Idaho on the Idaho Centennial Trail.  from July of 2011. 
this is part 02, part 01 is still a work-in-progress. part 03 is already on my YouTube channel. this was my next-to-last segment to finish the trail. up north of Priest Lake, only 1/4 mile from the U.S. Canadian border, Upper Priest Falls (or some call it American Falls) is the northern terminus of the ICT. the trail ends at the falls. it would take a very determined soul to scale the rocks to get all the way to the Canadian border. here a team of 3 makes an almost 11 mile hike. Basically we have to park a car at either end, hike up to the falls, then hike back down and continue on south to the trailhead out. John Kennedy, my friend from TEXAS, joins with Tyler Parrish and myself for this hike.

the pictures are a combination from my camera and John's (and his 2 videos of the falls).

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