Thursday, January 31, 2013

slow start to hiking 2013

what a different winter we are having here in Boise this year!   my total walking mileage last year in 2012 was 1,001 miles.   that is combined trails, snow shoe-ing, and pavement or Greenbelt walking.    for the month of January 2012, I already had 105 miles  (200 by the end of February).   we had a very mild winter during January and February last year.   by contrast, I only have 20 miles total for January 2013, due to the extreme cold we have had this month.    just to get some miles I went once to the mall and walked 3 miles, and once to my work which has miles of hallways and walked 3 miles.   I am hoping that February will allow me to get going again outside. 

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