Tuesday, December 23, 2014


"The best laid plans of mice and men....." What happens when one of the shuttle vehicles goes out of commision?

This was a planned 40 mile hike on the Idaho Centennial Trail in August of 2008. My 93 Aerostar minivan died at the takeout trailhead, which was Five Mile Pond on the Crooked River Road. Our plans for a one way hike together were busted. Using Jerry's vehicle I drove him around to the other end at Rocky Bluff Campground, on Slate Creek. He would now hike solo across the 40 mile stretch, going roughly Counter Clockwise around the western and northern edges of the Gospel Hump Wilderness.

While my van was being towed and repaired, I would camp at Five Mile Pond on the other end, and wait for Jerry. I had 3 days of time to kill.

Inspiration came to "improvise" a new hike while I waited for him. I needed to make a connection between Five Mile Pond on one end, and French Gulch on the other end. 19 miles going, 18 miles coming back. Since Jerry had problems with the ICT section in between on his previous hike, I planned a long road walk around, using an existing network of Forest Service and discontinued roads.

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