Sunday, September 28, 2014


Green Kryptonite was the bane of Superman, a substance that sapped his powers and made him a helpless weakling.

I took a picture of this plant on Sunday 9/28/14 along the Greenbelt, near the Boise River.   

I call it "Ron's Kryptonite."   other folks call it "Sagebrush."   this is what it looks like in full bloom.  

I am highly allergic to it.  

here in Idaho,  it blooms generally between the last week of August, through September, and up to the first couple of hard freezes in October.    

when we first moved here, I had to take a year of allergy shots. part of the serum was sagebrush pollen.    the immuno-therapy helped, for the most part, but this is the time of year when I rely heavily on Vitamin Z  (Zyrtec).  

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