Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meal preparation

DIY dehydrated meals

here is my meal preparation for an upcoming hike.

there are 5 meals, and 5x2 = 10 grits packets for 5 breakfasts.

each meal has 2 cups each of the dehydrated soup + 1 cup of Minute Rice

the flavors are 1 Black Bean soup  1 Pilaf Chicken  2  Tortilla soup  1  White Bean & Pasta

the flavor packets are inside the bags. 

for a couple of them I added an extra half scoop of rice. 

they can be rehydrated directly in the ziploc bags, but from experience they are a pain to eat out of.   that's why I carry a "My Fair Share"  32 ounce Lexan cup.   

all I do is boil water and stir. 

season with salsa packets or Tabasco.

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