Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baja Road to Walter's Ferry

this week's big hike was 41.5 miles. on Sunday,  I started at the beginning of Baja Road at 1 pm. I walked 17.5 miles, stopping to pick up my water cache at mile 15. 

Coyotes serenaded me with a desert symphony all night. I named it "Concerto in the Key of Yip"

Monday I rose early and started walking at 7:30 am. At the 22 mile mark I left the high desert plateau and descended several hundred feet into the Snake River canyon. after breakfast at Swan Falls, Dam, I continued west along the River Canyon Trail for 12 miles to Celebration Park. I was surprised to see Halverson Lake along the way.

at Celebration Park, I rested for 20 minutes, then continued west past the Duffy bridge on Laughlin Lane for the last 6 miles.

Tyler met me at Ferry Road near Walter's Ferry. I made it to my tag point of the sign at Highway 45 and Ferry Road at 6:40 pm.

11 hours and 10 minutes, 24 miles for Monday.

41.5 miles for the trip in two days.   

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