Monday, March 11, 2013

Through the Inside Desert

For this week's videos, we go to the opposite end of Idaho, way down south....

This is the beginning of the Idaho Centennial Trail, at the Nevada border.   This 51 mile section hike is a part of my seven year hike across Idaho on the ICT.   in March of 2005 I hiked this section through the Inside Desert, with Jerry Finnegan and Scott Pressman who mountain biked in the opposite direction.   We camped at the trailhead on Friday night, and started early on Saturday morning with the 4 mile round trip walk to the NV border marker.   Then we hiked on Day 1 = (4) + 14 miles    Day 2 = 13.5 miles   Day 3 = 15 miles    Day 4 = 7 miles     Water was a very critical item on this hike.   We could have used another couple of water drops along the way.    
 Although this wasn't my first hike on the ICT, it was at the time the longest section I had ever attempted.    The successful completion of this hike became a foundation for everything else that was to come later on.   

"Through the Inside Desert"

part A

part B

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