Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hell's Canyon hike to Kirkwood Ranch

our recent hike to Kirkwood Ranch on Trail 102 Snake River National Scenic Trail.


Thomas Jay Oord said...


I'm planning several major hikes in Idaho, including the Centennial trail. I'm a full-time professor at Northwest Nazarene University (Nampa) and part-time professional photographer. I plan to photograph many parts of the trail, write articles on the adventures, etc.

Given that you hike often in Idaho, I'm guessing you're a native. I'd love to get some advice and chat. Do you live near Nampa or Boise?


Ron said...

thanks for your comments. I hope this reaches you since there was no reply e-mail address. I am from Boise, though not a native from here. But we have lived here long enough to not want to live anywhere else. I am nearing completion of the Idaho Centennial Trail, with about 65 miles left to finish. I would like to get together to talk trail with you.
Contact me at
or 342-2953