Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finding my place

It is interesting to see the progression from the earlier hiking stories to now. When I first started going out in the wilderness of Idaho everything seemed much more frightening. There is just something about the word "wilderness" that evokes images of being eaten alive by something ravenous with sharp teeth. As I have spent more and more time in the outdoors I have found that I am more *acclimated* I guess is the word I am searching for. Not that I want to grow complacent and take the wilderness for granted. After all, there are still large things out there with sharp teeth that can devour you or shred you into remnants of your former self. And let's face it, more people are undone in the wilderness by their own human foibles. It's easy to get mixed up and turned around and lose your sense of direction, or not layer properly and get caught in unexpected weather, or twist an ankle while miles away from anywhere. I'm looking forward to more long distance treks in the wilderness of Idaho this summer. LORD willing.

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